A Nigerian based UK was lured with a romantic date and stabbed 16 times

Ayodeji Habeeb Afeez

                       Ayodeji Habeeb Afeez

Kevin Lusala, a 23 year- old has been found guilty of murdering a Nigerian based UK, Afeez Ayodeji Habeeb, along with two other culprits (a 17 year- old girl and Gary, an 18year old).

They conspired to rob Afeez on November 4, 2018, in a Car Park along Grace Mews in Bromley. 

The innocent 22year- old Ayodeji was lured with a romantic date, tricked to meet up the 17year old girl with the intent to rob him. 

Ayodeji left his home in a blue BMW to Anerley in Bromley at around 11:00 am. On arriving at the Car Park, Lusala armed with large knife forcefully took over the car as Afeez struggle to defend himself, kept him still and stabbed him 16 times. 

Gary helped Lusala to move Afeez to passenger side and drove off to abandon him street away from the crime scene. 

Ayodeji staggered with his injury out of his car to Samos road, shouting for help. 911 was called around 12:30 pm by some occupants in Samos neighbourhood, whereas London Air and Ambulance Service made relentless efforts to salvage the situation.

Ayodeji was confirmed dead a few minutes later. 

MET Specialist Crime South Detectives tried to unravel the course of the murder by investigating on and off the crime scene.

They uncovered Ayodeji's blood in the Car Park and driver's seat. The Port-Mortem Examination from Princess Royal University Hospital Mortuary confirmed that Afeez was stabbed 16 times, dead of internal and external bleeding. 

The culprit will face sentencing on Friday, 20 December at the Old Bailey, United Kingdom.

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